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Derek pacifico

Retired Homicide Police Detective available for Keynote, Break-Out Sessions & Panel Discussions

Speaking topics

  • Homicide Investigations

  • Interview & Interrogation

  • Police Procedures

“Your class was amazing. The insight and clarity you provide on police procedure, interrogation techniques, and seemingly everything else connected with the committing and solving of a murder/homicide will make every writer’s job infinitely easier. Your presentation is not only fun and informative, it’s also perfectly organized to help both the veteran and beginning writer understand both sides of the crime.”
— Darrel Ray Thomas, Jr, Emmy Award Winning Writer

Derek Pacifico is a retired cop and former homicide detective with 24 years of real police work! A gifted and entertaining speaker, Derek has developed and delivered police procedural lectures to writers since his retirement in 2012. He has spoken to the “Scriptwriter’s Network” at CBS Studios in Burbank, “Killer Nashville” writers conference in Nashville, Tennessee, and the “Author’s Combat Academy” in Nashville, TN.

His one of a kind WRITERS HOMICIDE SCHOOL is the only two-day, interactive seminar for police procedural writers that takes you through the whole process of becoming a cop, learning the law, attending the academy, working patrol and getting promoted to work as a detective in the coveted field of homicide investigations! Writers from literally around the world as far away as Australia, Finland, Mexico, Canada and of course from across the United States have all come to hear Derek speak about investigating murders. Book Derek now for a Keynote address at your conference!

Helping writers, write it right!

Reader Testimonial

“After you purchase this book, you'll wonder how you ever got along as a writer without it.” - Jefferey I. Tolstad, Published Author

“A must-read for any writer with a law enforcement officer as a character.” - Zara Altair, Published Author

“This book is a compendium of Derek Pacifico's Writers Homicide School and it's information you need to absorb before you tackle a crime fiction novel. Pacifico is a good talker and an organized and engaging presenter. He's also funny.” - Mar Preston, Published Author

Press & media

NPR Radio
On August 25, 2012 Derek Pacifico was interviewed by Scott Simon from the NPR Weekend Edition Show. Simon wanted to know more about THE WRITER’S HOMICIDE SCHOOL so the two of them chatted about real versus fictional television and movie scenes. To hear the interview as it aired, please click here.