“Derek has superior law enforcement knowledge as well as a great sense of humor. He presents cases in a well balanced format that pulls from his 20 plus years of experience solving complex crimes. It's easy to understand how his dogged determination, intelligence and the talent to communicate clearly and effectively made him a highly effective cop. I would recommend this course to all people interested in great storytelling. Keep up the good work Derek. The information in the class is very interesting and there are more people out there that would benefit by taking your class. Again, when you walked us through the cases and how you solved them it was amazing!!”  - Joel Clark Ackerman, Writer / Producer

“Great unique class. There's nowhere else to get this quality information. Certainly not from a textbook.” - Stephen Myers, A.C.E.

“Great balance between a cops perspective and teacher personality. I had a lot of questions and was happy to have a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment in which to ask.” - Diane Vallere, author

“Your class was amazing. The insight and clarity you provide on police procedure, interrogation techniques, and seemingly everything else connected with the committing and solving of a murder/homicide will make every writer’s job infinitely easier. Your presentation is not only fun and informative, it’s also perfectly organized to help both the veteran and beginning detective and the perp (east coast) or the suspect (west coast… Learned that in your seminar!)” -Thanks for everything, Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.

Emmy Award winning writer for Days of Our Lives

Emmy Award winning writer, Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.

Emmy Award winning writer, Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.

“Derek’s whole presentation, his thorough knowledge, great depth of experience and great sense of humor was what I liked best about the class.” - Andrew Pierce, author and film editor

“Loved everything about the class. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I would love to be able to take another class taught by you in the near future.” - Marjorie McCown, author

“Derek, you could have sent me a gold brick wrapped in thousand-dollar bills but I wouldn't have liked it as much as this email. Golden information. THANK YOU!” - Elaine Ashe, author

“Sgt. Pacifico is a truly talented speaker and gifted teacher. Sure, you can sit at home and learn about police procedure and investigation, but noting compares to seeing and hearing the actual details of a murder case first hand. I had to cover my eyes for some of the photos but otherwise perfect! During the two-day seminar, we were able to ask questions and discuss issues with a veteran homicide investigator and there aren’t too many opportunities to do that. To spend this much time with a police detective, I would’ve had to commit a felony and get arrested!” - Carol Rotundo, Writer

“Writers Homicide School is essential to all crime writers in bringing your police characters to life and giving a level of authority to the world of your stories.” - Ben Yip, Writer

“Great information, presented by an expert in his field. It should be a pre-requisite for any writer, reporter or journalist who is writing on law enforcement or related subject(s).” - Scott Marshutz, Freelance Writer

“You clearly know your information and have great stories. I also think you’ve got great energy that brings a lot to your presentation and turns what could be dry information into something very interesting.” - Holly Nault Pular, Writing Student

"The Crime Writer's Homicide school was the most helpful conference of its kind I have ever been to."

-Steven James, national bestselling author of Opening Moves and The King

“Derek is a great instructor. He provides a lot of information and brings it to life with fascinating stories and real life videos. I recommend his class to any writer who wants their work to be both realistic and entertaining.” - Cheryl Rieger, Writer

“What an engaging and informative class. I’ve already learned at least half a dozen things that will make my next book more authentic. The stories alone were priceless - I was hanging on every word.” - Jaden Terrel, Author of Racing the Devil and A Cup Full of Midnight / Executive Director of Killer Nashville and President of Sisters in Crime - Nashville.